Director Message

“A true leader lets go of control he creates leaders, not followers.”
We extend a very warm welcome with our prospectus, which is designed to give you a realistic sneak peek into the only BPS in Northern India. This unique brand value at once places BPS at the pedagogical convergence of the global and the local – as the core values of ‘Leading through Innovation’, ‘Pursuing Excellence’, ‘Growing by Learning’ and ‘Global Citizenship’ are imparted here by personnel who are handpicked and dexterously trained in the best educational practices worldwide. The search for a complete schooling experience in Agra can only lead you to BOSTON PUBLIC SCHOOL, AGRA.
Parent Engagement forms an integral part of the ethos at BPS, and interactions take place on a regular basis with the Senior Leadership Team of the school.
I sign o¬ff with the conviction that BOSTON PUBLIC SCHOOL will be the preferred destination for aspiring learners and dedicated professionals of the education sector alike.

Warm Regards,

Principal Message

Dear Parents, Guardians and Students,
We indeed feel delighted for the fact that you are considering studying at BOSTON PUBLIC SCHOOL OF EXCELLENCE. Our school enjoys an outstanding reputation and is renowned for students achieving higher benchmarks and provision for diverse educational opportunities. Our highly professional dedicated faculty endeavors to encourage each student to achieve his/her best in all fields.
For those who choose to reside with us , we assure them of excellent pastoral care and exposure to plethora of activities to transform their lives in a positive way.
The school is bestowed with state of the art infrastructure and believes in nurturing children holistically.
The tread on unknown pathways brings anxiety and excitement in equal measures, rest assured that we will help you make the transition a beautiful experience and a turning point in your child’s life.
Making a decision about the right school for your child can be a difficult one, but we hope that this prospectus will help make that decision and give you a flavor of Boston School of Excellence and the learning opportunities that we provide.
Re -affirming you of the right choice in deciding on us

With Regards.

Our Vision

Keeping in mind the diverse needs and interests of its students the BPS vision at quality education to make its students into articulate, free thinking , humane, healthy ,well adjusted and self disciplined individuals.
The school has a curriculum that will:-
Develop the students mental faculties, logical and deductive thinking, power of observation and imagination.
Equip them with power of expression
(Verbal, Written and Kinesthetic)
Induce sensitivity to inter-personal, intra-personal, environmental and societal concerns.
Help to attain good physical health through various sports activities
Activate an interest in the culture, traditions and the rich history of our country.

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